Your brand identity matters.

Your brand identity is how your customers recognise you, but more importantly, it is how they connect emotionally with you. An UNSTOPPABLE brand is memorable, relatable and authentic, positioning the business head and shoulders above its competitors.

Most people think of the visual aspects when they think of a brand, such as colours, logos and fonts. Getting these aspects right is critical in creating a successful brand, but if you want to be a market leader, it’s only the beginning.

To truly entrench your business as a dominant force in your industry, you must also consider the non-visual aspects of branding; that is to say, your brand must have meaning.

The often neglected non-visual aspects of branding are all about creating a connection between a business and its customers. By subtly and consistently imbuing a brand with ‘human’ characteristics such as personality and voice, a business can create fans and engender loyalty well above and beyond the objective quality and importance of the goods or services it provides.

Objective comparisons between the business and its competitors becomes almost irrelevant, because the customer no longer feels like the business is trying to sell them something, but rather it is helping them to experience meaning in ordinary life.

MACKMarketing creates memorable brands that sell, because we understand – and can expertly create – every part of a brand identity, both visual and non-visual.

Our promise

At MACK Marketing, we want our clients to feel that they are getting more than they paid for, and to feel that working with us has truly made their business UNSTOPPABLE.

We promise to:

  • Be open and upfront about costs prior to starting work;
  • Provide you with a written proposal detailing exactly what services we will provide;
  • Produce timely and accurate work;
  • Give you honest and objective advice;
  • Treat your business with as much care as if it were our own.

If you’re keen to find out more, why not drop us a line? We’re happy to discuss any questions or ideas you have.

Our Services

Case Study: Queensland Physiotherapy

We were approached by the founder of Queensland Physiotherapy to design the business from scratch. Our task was to design a physiotherapy practice that would be capable of competing on equal footing with the incumbents. Ian’s main requirement was that the business would look immediately credible, well-established and professional. We delivered a full brand identity, a strategic marketing plan to guide the first two years of operation, and a website capable of taking online bookings and integrated with their practice management software.

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