Hard Korr Lighting was one of the pioneers in bringing LED lighting (and later, portable solar power) to the camping, 4wd and marine industries. From their inception in 2009 their sales had grown strongly each year, and they had eventually attracted the interest of large retailers such as Autobarn and BCF.

In their first few years of operation, Hard Korr had derived a significant portion of their total revenue from online sales. However, as their products came to be stocked in more and more retail stores, their focus on the online business waned and online revenue started to slide. Their e-commerce website became outdated, search engine rankings slipped, and a number of competitors muscled their way in.

The task

Our task was to undertake a ground-up redevelopment of Hard Korr’s e-commerce capability, with the overall goal of achieving significant, sustainable uplift in their online sales.

The first step was to replace their ageing website with a brand new site built to the latest standards. The site was to be not only visually appealing but also highly functional, making it easy for customers to find what they were looking for, understand the features and benefits of each product, and either locate a stockist or make a purchase online.

After rebuilding the website, the second phase involved cost-effectively improving Hard Korr’s brand presence online. The goal was to drive high-quality traffic to the new site via a range of digital marketing initiatives and have it convert into either online product sales or leads for their stockists around Australia.

Our solution

We started by diving into the DNA of the Hard Korr brand, gaining an intimate understanding of the factors that had allowed them to grow from $0 to a multi-million dollar enterprise in less than 10 years. We knew that their products were loved by the market and their customer loyalty was second to none, and we wanted to understand exactly what drove that positive sentiment so we could reflect it in their new online presence.

After gaining that understanding, we set to work on designing the new website. We built the website using WordPress and WooCommerce, which together are the gold standard for e-commerce websites – WordPress powers 25% of all the world’s websites (and growing) and WooCommerce 29% of all e-commerce sites. Using this combination ensured that the site would be secure, easily updatable (without needing a tech background), fast and infinitely customisable.

In keeping with Hard Korr’s existing brand identity (as reflected in product packaging, advertising etc) we created a dark colour scheme highlighted with their distinctive azure blue and lime green. We designed a fully customised layout for their home page, product pages and other (static) pages, constructing them in a way that made it easy for potential customers to find the information they were after. We then trawled through the extensive library of written and visual content that Hard Korr had collected over the years and uploaded each item to its rightful place on the site.

Finally, we plugged in several handy pieces of software to assist in improving site speed, analysing sales data, optimising the site for search engines, and integrating with Facebook and Google’s marketing platforms.

We then turned our attention to driving high-quality traffic to the new website. Using a combination of search engine optimisation, Google & Bing Ads, Facebook advertising, email marketing and retargeting strategies, we engaged both existing fans and new customers alike, grabbing their attention and encouraging them to come and visit. With our analytics software we measured the cost and effectiveness (measured in dollars of sales per dollar spent) of each channel, making refinements along the way to improve this ratio.

The results

Within the first week, it was obvious that the new website was having a profound effect on how people interacted with the Hard Korr brand. Session duration (the amount of time a user spends on the site) increased substantially, bounce rate (the number of people who visit one page and then exit) decreased, and online sales started to trend upwards.

Once our marketing strategies kicked into gear, traffic to the website jumped and online sales started to dramatically improve. As we continued to make improvements to our advertising mix, so online sales and conversion rates continued their upward march.

In the first year of operation of the new website, online sales increased by 378.54%.

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