Rod Armour is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of fishing rod protection products. Founded in 2016 by then 19 year old Curtis Sciacca, Rod Armour rose quickly to prominence by cleverly capitalising on the opportunities available through social media. In particular, they used a phalanx of young influencers on Instagram to spruik the products in combination with an eye-catching photo of a large fish they had caught. Their primary channel to market was via eCommerce, initially in the form of a Shopify store (which Curtis built himself).

Within a year the company had amassed thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook, and had attracted the attention of several well-known fishing retailers, to whom they had started supplying products. With success came increasing competitive pressure, and Curtis felt the need to proactively take his burgeoning business to the next level of professionalism to stay ahead of the pack. First step: redo the website.

The task

Our task was to undertake the website redevelopment. Our instructions were clear: Curtis wanted the website to be visually attractive, easy to navigate, with a clean, uncomplicated checkout. He also required it to load quickly and be well-structured for search engines. The goal was for the new website to better showcase Rod Armour’s products and thus increase sales.

Our solution

Before commencing work, we analysed the data collected by the existing site, attempting to understand what was working and what wasn’t; where users were spending most time, and where the common exit points/roadblocks were. As business owner, Curtis was also able to provide valuable background information and share the ideas that had formulated in his mind over time.

Armed with this understanding, we created initial design concepts to ensure we were heading in a direction with which Curtis was happy. In our design we emphasised clear navigation and plenty of space, created a colour scheme which complemented the vivid orange of the brand, and ensured the many positive testimonials Rod Armour had received were highlighted wherever possible.

After our designs were approved, we set about creating a site structure and filling in the content. We selected WordPress combined with WooCommerce to power the site, which we strongly believe is the most functional, cost-effective and flexible software available on the market. It is also good for SEO out-of-the-box, unlike platforms such as Shopify, and gives the site owner the freedom to use their own payment processors rather than being locked in the a certain provider (usually with high fees).

Once the site was finished, we installed and configured software to improve its performance and security, before carefully uploading it to the domain in place of the existing site. We were meticulous in ensuring that all URLs from the old site redirected seamlessly to their equivalents on the new site, to avoid creating dead links or losing search engine rankings.


The new website was an immediate success. With its redesigned interface and easy navigation, conversion rate improved markedly, resulting in a significant jump in revenue. Rod Armour received several emails from existing customers commenting positively on the new design.

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