Marketing Lessons from the Failures of Masters and Dick Smith

By now, almost everyone in business will have heard news of the demise of Dick Smith Electronics and the imminent wind-up of Masters Home Improvement. Whilst the failure of neither business should come as much of a surprise in hindsight, it is instructive from the perspective of a business owner to consider exactly what may […]

4 Steps to Develop the Ultimate Brand

Successful businesspeople know how important it is to have the “ultimate brand”; they also know that branding runs much deeper than just the superficial aspects such as logo and colours. Therefore, they spend a significant amount of time developing, reviewing and refining every aspect of their brand identity, because it’s one of their key weapons […]

Inflation: what is it and how does it affect businesses?

Note: this article has been transferred from its original home at It is not directly related to marketing, but was such a popular article that we didn’t want to let it die when was decommissioned. In 1970, the average Australian full-time wage was about $3,700 per year, the median house price was $17,500, […]

The Danger of Activist Marketing

Author’s note: the examples in this article are somewhat dated nowadays. We’ve left this post up because the underlying principles still hold true, and the phenomenon of activist marketing has become even more commonplace since this article was written. Activist marketing is a fairly recent phenomenon. The term is used to describe a marketing strategy […]

What’s Going Wrong at Sizzler?

Author’s note: since I wrote this article in 2015, Sizzler restaurants have continued to close down across the country. It’s a shame that such an iconic brand has been allowed to wither on the vine thank to unimaginative management. Despite the increasing irrelevance of Sizzler to Australian family dining, we’ve kept this article online as […]

Congratulations to Queensland Physiotherapy

Author’s note: Since writing this post, Queensland Physiotherapy has gone from strength to strength. They are now one of the clear market leaders in the region. We’ve written a case study about them here. MACK Marketing would like to extend our congratulations to our client Queensland Physiotherapy, who have opened the doors to their new […]