Rejuvenate and modernise your mature business. Give it a new lease on life and prepare it to compete in the modern, digitally-enabled world.

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The responsibility of improving your business is never over. As soon as you take your foot off the accelerator, a more innovative, hungrier competitor will almost certainly start picking off your customers. But to challenge your own status quo, and to keep pushing yourself and your business to greater heights, is an uncomfortable process in an established business, where you and your employees are used to doing things a certain way.

MACK Marketing can help you confront this challenge by providing an experienced, objective source of marketing ideas and guidance, giving you a fresh approach and setting your business up for many more years of prosperity.

Perhaps, after many years of success, your brand is beginning to look a little worn around the edges. The logo might be a little dated, or your key sales copy might no longer be punchy or relevant in the modern environment. Both of these and many more branding-related issues can be tidied up whilst preserving the overall look, feel and soul of the business.

Maybe your strategy isn’t as sharp as it once was. Many businesses, after a decade or more of unbridled success, start to become a little insular and even complacent. You may have lost track of your recent developments in your industry, particularly where technology is being used to automate marketing and improve customer experience. Maybe you’re still distributing your products primarily by ‘older’ channels, whereas your competitors have started to successfully integrate an online channel into their businesses. Whatever strategic challenges you face, MACK Marketing can help.

Another common problem area for mature businesses is the website. Whether you engage in e-commerce per se or use your website for lead generation and credibility, many mature businesses find themselves with outdated websites built on outmoded technology. Your site may have accessibility issues such as lack of smartphone compatibility, use insecure software such as Adobe Flash, and/or be employing SEO tactics that are nowadays more likely to force it down the rankings than up. Usually a new or refreshed website is a ‘quick win’ for a mature business, often resulting in a fast uptick in revenue.

Finally, many mature businesses are reliant solely on traditional advertising, where they could derive significant benefits from exploring digital advertising. If your business has a good reputation and a long track record, you may be surprised to see just how effective digital advertising can be in extending its reach. Again, for many mature businesses digital advertising is a great ‘quick win’ for sales.

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