Get a headstart through the critical first two years. Create a captivating, memorable brand identity, a compelling story, and a rock-solid business model. Above all, make a huge and lasting impact on your market.

How can we help?

Investing in your brand and marketing at the outset will pay enormous dividends over the life of your business. Because a startup business has no existing customers, track record or word-of-mouth recommendations to leverage, it has to rely on compelling visuals, interesting and persuasive copy and an overall appearance of professionalism to generate their first sales.

MACK Marketing can provide an end-to-end solution to give your fledgling business a striking, consistent appearance and the best chance of succeeding.

Starting with your brand, we can create an identity that is not only professional and memorable, but also authentic and meaningful. To quickly create a a ‘connection’ between your new business and its prospective customers, we will look to create a brand that goes beyond mere professionalism. Your new brand will have its own authentic personality and voice, rooted in your vision for its future.

Once your brand identity is decided, we can flesh out a marketing strategy to ensure your new business takes the market by storm. To dominate your competition you must take the time to understand your market and industry intimately. Analyse your competitors’ operations, know their value proposition and pricing, understand what your target market wants and how best to reach them, and use all this information to position yourself in a way that’s going to get you motoring from the word go.

With your new brand and strategy in place, it’s time to open your ‘digital shopfront’ a.k.a. your website. We can create a website that is visually captivating, features clear calls to action, and most importantly SELLS. Our templates and content are designed from scratch, meaning your website will be a unique creation that perfectly encapsulates your brand identity and marketing strategy.

At this point there’s just one thing left to do: spread the word and watch your new business take off! Our team can assist with pre- and post-launch digital marketing, building awareness and excitement and translating this into sales.

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